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Day 159 – WordPress Prompt Time: What bores you?


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What bores you?

These bloody prompts are actually boring me, most of the time.


But they are a bit dull, to be honest, and common, and feels like they were generated by some poor AI, rather than an intelligent human being. On the other front, what am I expecting from a prompt. It is there to enable someone to write a new post, when they have no inspiration.

These prompts have to be quite simple or dull, but just enough to spark creativity of a person, by starting to answer the question, so blogger can expand on the topic, and waddle away.

As I think of it now, many similar prompts, I started myself with. Although they did not originate via WordPress, but the concept is similar. Due to the lack of ideas what to write about, I started with some simple verse for the topic, and many times it was enough to spark an idea, and expand my thought to write quite comprehensive post afterwards.

It’s quite a powerful method to enable oneself, for a fruitful writing session, by simply starting from a dull sentence, and expand on it further, diving deeper into possibilities what it means in our life, what it means from different angles, in different dimensions, and suddenly we end up with a number of ideas, when we started with zero.

Answering the question of WordPress prompt seriously, what bores me, I can show you just that.

What do we define as boring? It’s complex even at the start. Something totally interesting for one person, can be boring for the other. But is it boring, or just not interesting? Aren’t these words quite similar, though their meaning are perceived differently? You see? A lot of questions from the start up, each one might have its own post written about.

I don’t get bored often. Actually I don’t remember when I was bored last time. Whatever I do has always an element of curiosity to it. Even when I am in a state that many might consider boring, I am not. My head is always asking questions, contemplating, trying to slow down, or speed up. When I lay down on the couch even, you can be sure I am not bored. My thoughts are racing, either literally seeking ideas, and what comes next, or worrying the crap out of me about what will I do with things in schedule, or simply I’m busy accepting incoming thoughts, and waving them away to sink into some form of relaxation. If you see me standing in the middle of the dullest field, path or other location, where literally nothing is happening, or even worse, I am standing in drizzle, on a grey and gloomy day, I am not bored. Every element that touches me, makes impact, I realised recently. I want to be conscious all the time, feel every bit of rain, mist, snow, wind, cold, warmth. Every smell that’s around me whether pleasant or not, every noise, every frame of picture that happens in front of my eyes, I feel so thankful about being able to see, smell, feel it… just be.

That’s what I’d like to leave you with, my dear readers, after this post. Simple bottom line.

Imagine how lucky we are. There’s no other thing less probable, than human life coming into fruition. Hundreds of trillions to one chance of any of us being born. We are the only planet known to human population, that has just perfect conditions, distance from the sun, rotation and angle, to hold atmosphere and countless species of plants, animals and fungi, beyond who we are. We have freedom of thinking independently, learning, and expanding our mind. Whatever we think about this planet, it deserves respect, and every form of life as well. We are able to experience so much, in such a short span that we exist on this planet, yet we dwell on the past, stick to some human born traditions, or assumptions and superstitions, while there is so much to experience, that no human life can contain. Instead of thriving, we choose stagnation. Instead of evolving in thoughts, we often remain static, and defend closed mind.

Read the above paragraph couple of times, and if you want a discussion, don’t be afraid to engage with me, be it on Instagram, here in the comments, or on Wisdom App.

We are lucky. Regardless how bad we feel, how dark place we are in any moment in time, every day IS a blessing. Every bloody minute of being alive, is worth it.

Use it wisely, spread love and understanding, beam with empathy, and enjoy life, dark and bright, sad and joyful, for better and for worse.


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