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Day 171 – Storm resistant


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Quite a journey today, but I must admit I liked this trip much more than others that I did to Dublin, since we moved to Donegal. Mainly because this time we managed to get back home before sunset! The moment we arrived home, was about time that normally I was leaving Dublin other times, so quite an improvement I must say. Of course we had to leave quite early, because of the hospital visit in the morning. We drove off at about 5:30AM and were just on time in Dublin. We had quite a lot of spare time, but it all got burned in heavy traffic of morning hours in Dublin itself (not surprising).

While my wife stayed for appointment in the hospital, Julian and myself managed to visit Coolock Library, which positively surprised us and exceeded our expectations. We left with couple of good books, happy as clams.

After the visit was done, we went together for a family meal, and used opportunity to get around shopping. My wife was very disappointed with stock in all clothing shops, and swore again that she’ll never visit them again, and that these days you can be better ordering online. Mainly because even if the size is wrong, most of the stores allow for returns/exchanges free of charge, so no real point in visiting those physical shops anymore.

We on the other side, explored Easons, and I recorded couple of titles of books that I might check in audiobook form or borrow from library in near future. I usually test drive them this way, and if any finds a way to my heart, and I find it so valuable to place on my shelf, I’ll certainly buy it. Julian found cool new series of Lego product. It seems like Lego is reaching beyond blocks, towards stationery for young audience. We decided to give it a go with a set of twelve gel pens in a squareish format, with cool design, rubber grip, and element on top allowing to attach anything made of Lego bricks. This element means that people can customise the top of the pen in endless ways, depending on their creativity, as well as resources of Lego blocks already in possession. This was another driver for me to purchase it for Julian, because his Lego are still stored in the attic, and this might be a great trigger to convince him to return, and spark that flame again for building cool stuff.

At home we all went to our backlogs of tasks that we wanted to do individually.

I just returned from a decent 6 kilometres run, and plan to record this post, then hit the shower (with a cold top up), and finally lay myself in bed to recover for tomorrow.

Thursday evening I start a very interesting workshop that might change my life for good, if I only manage to apply it as good as I did with the blog so far, but I don’t want to jinx it. Stay tuned.


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