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Day 173 – Prepare for the battle


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They say that the weekends are for poor people.

I can only assume, that the core message here is that if you do what you like, you have your own business, or even you work for somebody, but are excited with it, you probably dread weekends, or use them as normal work day, chasing further dreams, goals, opportunities, prospects, etc. Why is then weekend for poor people if those supposed successful ones also use it? It’s a metaphor, I suspect, about how weekend is usually perceived, and what it is used for, by an average Joe. Partying, entertainment in other forms, lazy days, whatever doesn’t involve work, or chores. So in essence weekend is just a weekend, but the saying tries to distinguish how common concept of the weekend in our cultures, is completely different in approach by people of success. Again, this is just my analysis, as I have never heard anyone being able to truly explain it to me, but people are very happy to repeat those catchy quotes.

So I am poor. I couldn’t wait for this Friday to end. I look up to this Saturday and Sunday with excitement, although I have no specific plans for it. I guess this is part of being a poor weekend celebrator. If I’d be successful, my schedule probably would involve couple of good activities, maybe some talks with business partners, and anticipation of Monday, like it’s something blessed to come. Maybe it is, or will be for me if I ever succeed in life enough to appreciate it in that form.

I think at this point I sound like a poor sod, complainer, and person who spreads negativity, and is totally ungrateful prick, so let me add a bit of sweet element here.

I know that feeling of anticipation for Monday. Yes it is possible, and this saying, although cliche a bit, makes sense. At some stage in my life I was excited with work, and couldn’t wait for the weekend to actually shrink, so I can get back to the things I liked to do.

I also am very aware of what I was given by being born to this world. Being grateful doesn’t mean that I will be artificially smiling, constantly saying positive things only, and behaving like a delusional idiot. Yet this is what we see in media, regardless if it’s TV, or anything web bound. Unfortunately, whether we like it or not, that utter and harmful pseudo-positivity was born in the West. The model of correct, nice, dishonest, well covered in make-up, plastic and overlit TV, magazines and other stuff, started in the country that I paradoxically appreciate a lot – United States. Now don’t get me wrong, I can see a lot of trends growing there that are likely to fix this problem over the next couple of decades, but we need to be clear where the origin was. It did not end there. Western Europe quickly picked the format, and is equally worth the diss here. Nowadays we added cancellation culture to the bucket, and we still promote fakeness over social media, or rather not fakeness, but misguided picture of just positive vibes. While the world suffers, people struggle with mental illnesses, partially because of that, we keep digging the wound and cause more harm, for what? More of this crap.

Some people try to blame money. Nah, that’s cheap argument. Money in itself is nothing but a tool, or means to achieve something. Yes there are a lot of bad people wit a lot of money, like gangsters (real ones), narcolords, sweatshop owners, traffickers, and other bad actors.

Look though on those celebrities that we all help to float on the golden clouds. There are some successful stories, of coming from zero to hero, individuals that do a lot of good with their money, and personalities giving good example from the top, how to make and use the money. But the vast majority we see? Hard to even comment on that. How sad it must be for people, to participate in all those reality shows, that have zero attention in mind to them, but to make shocking images, glue others to TV, Netflix or other means, and make money out of subscriptions, ads, and other product placements. How low we got as a humanity, to glorify the culture of bling, gold, diamonds, expensive cars, mansions and means not even practical, nor pleasant to have, once they are in your possession (or actually in possession of these famous characters).

Everything is for people. Don’t get me wrong. If you made money, use it. If you have a fantasy, make it happen. There’s one thing though to be aware of – how much of it all, is made from suffering of others, and how much of that translates to any longer form of happiness?

Back to the topic of weekend, and my (un)gratefulness. Let me clarify couple of things:

  • I want to make as much money as I can in my lifetime
  • I will fulfil my dreams to the extent possible
  • I will buy things that might not satisfy me in the end
  • I want to be recognised


  • I will make money, to make a lot of good out of it, not for me only, but for others
  • My dreams and my legacy, will be based on what matters to this planet, and its people as well
  • Whatever I obtain, and possess, I will make sure is sourced without suffering of others, with as much scrutiny as humanly possible on my end
  • My presence, my brand, and my fame, if it ever happens, will be just means to help others, make ugly things visible and addressed, and to promote these things, or those people who have difficulty being seen, while having a lot of value to give for the world

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