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Day 176 – Can I make it?

Oh, that cliche “imposter syndrome”. Will it ever stop haunting me in everything I do? Well… I’ve learned the answer (again) today, from one of quite successful people that I rely a lot of my learning.

The answer is – no.

Many of us ask the same question, to themselves. Too many articles, blog posts, and other materials were created since inception of this phrase, so I’ll spare you education around the definition of it. You can certainly find better resources than my own, high level understanding of it.

I’ll focus on the answer that I received today, when that particular person who has nothing really to be afraid of, and everything to back their success with, was asked if, and when, they felt last that they might not be “good enough”, and their brain was doubtful about their next step. It turns out, just before the call, and pretty much before any fairly new thing they do, every single year, month, week, or day. It seems that it haunts every person (that has it), regardless where they are on their journey to reach their defined happiness. The only thing you can actually do with it is, to keep in mind that it’s always there, you need to learn to notice it, and normalize, and then neutralize it, after which you do your next best thing. The magic four “N“s method. Method is obviously just another iteration of self-management, and approach of dealing with anything, from fear, through insecurities, to life situations that inevitably happen, and are against what we’d like to happen. I will give the credit, where the credit is due – four N, was suggested to Amy Porterfield, by her coach. It’s a concept that is taught in some psychology resources, so a validated and proven enough method, to deal with many things, including “imposter syndrome”.

Easier said than done, but hey, we need to try, practice, and eventually it might become much easier, automatic even.

Next two days I’m on a workshops around starting up my new business (so called), and I don’t know how long it will take, if it will pick up any momentum, and how long will it survive, but I have to try it at least.

Building routines, and writing this blog, was the first step to trigger some structure and order in how I approach days. As I am now a bit more comfortable that I can do more, it’s time to expand towards better life (hopefully). Oh, and by the way, following on yesterday’s post – I made it to 300 plays!

Today I jump started my day well, getting through 5 minutes cold shower first thing in the morning, attending early meeting, and then completing my set of pull-ups, and ab crunches. After such a long break between December and March, I decided to get to it carefully. While I keep it slow with pull-ups, and dropped from my 2022 10 repetitions over 5 sets, I did 5 x 5, and it feels just enough. On the abs side it’s much easier, and I quickly returned to 30 x 5, which is just on the border of comfortable but burning healthily, to provide development.

Later on I was only able to do work, with a short break to do the walk with my wife at lunchtime, so not much happened afterwards, until I had to dial in to the workshop.

I am building a mailing list, for people that might be interested in any of the topics that I discuss, as well as upcoming efforts that I will soon reveal progressively. So if you think you might get benefit from what I share, maybe some near future giveaways as well, feel free to join the list by using the subscription form below. You can unsubscribe anytime, if you feel you no longer want to receive my emails, but first and foremost – there are no emails yet, so for now it’s a preparation stage and a waiting list of sort. I promise though, that once I start emailing people, it won’t be any aggressive type of mailing, and only relevant stuff will be sent to you all.

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