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Day 183 – 6 months of building habits


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I just realised that yesterday was March 19, so it marks exactly half of a full year, of me building habits. Yes, I started this blog on September 19, 2022. Time flies. Six months milestone was so distant, and I didn’t even think about it then – yet here we are, now.

A lot of things changed in me since. I became more consistent in different areas, and although I still “fail” – I fail forward. I don’t really like the word “failure”, I prefer to call it “stumble”. Every time I stumble, it’s a lesson. I have proven now to myself, and to some individuals, that I can be consistent in something for more than 30 days. I actually took it six times further. I have zero expectation to stop it at any point. It’s my routine, my blog, my podcast, my new, and slightly more structured life. While I achieved a lot from my perspective, it might not sound much for others, but it doesn’t matter. I am not comparing myself to others, I am comparing myself to myself, and I am competing with myself, to improve a tiny bit every day, week, month, and year.

Lesson learned so far? The process is hard, no joke. Some people might be prepared better than me, or raised to be more organized. I wasn’t, and I knew it. At the same time, it isn’t hard if it gives you pleasure, at least partially. For me blogging, or rather journaling, became a therapy. It made me more resilient mentally, allowed me to express what I think and feel, and also keeps serving me as a record of what I go through. I will certainly be referring to it a lot in future.

I did not add too many satellite habits since, but I tried to improve on existing ones. At the same time, I fell short on others. The most visible, and one that I was missing a lot for over two months, was exercise. I mentioned infection that was haunting me forth and back over the period from Christmas until end of February really, so once I stood up on my feet properly, I decided to restart it in March. I was able to succeed couple of days now, and my aim is to keep it going.

Areas that are lacking now, and I’d like to improve on, or rather restart similarly, are certainly: audiobook listening and video content. We’ll see how it goes, but I have a plan to schedule them in times where they are likely to fit, and not collide with anything, hopefully.

What I reviewed recently though, and can see just now the difference, is how I approach hydration. Thanks to some tracking over the past two years, I have better visibility, and can see trend of improvement in the Waterminder app clearly (see the picture below).

I promised to write a little bit about Julian’s second night in the last month or so, of contemplating finite existence of us human beings, but I’ll leave it for tomorrow. This topic deserves breakdown, and proper write-up.

Weather got warmer today, and we were fortunate with my wife to use this morning’s dry hours, to revisit Murvagh, and had a decent stroll along the beach.

Time for audio. Sorry for a bit boring text today. I guess the motivation, and quality don’t always come guaranteed, but I wanted to at least give an update on my journey here. Whoever tracks it, reads it, listens to it, and enjoys it – I appreciate your attention so far, and hope you’ll stay with me for longer. Such knowledge, that other soul(s) are out there, supporting me, or watching my steps, is very motivating – especially in times, where I lack will to do it, and struggle with making a post like today.

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