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Day 185 – Midday rambling


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Kind of midday. Not sure if this word has a very specific definition, or it relates to specific hour, probably midday is another way of describing noon, or 1200 hours. Yeah I just used the military slang for time, which is quite cool and you can’t really go wrong with it as it works based on 24hr clock. All that latin AM and PM, that somehow leaked into English language in US and in England and Ireland, goes away, and there’s no confusion with it. I know, I know. There’s no confusion for you people who were raised in that standard, but let’s be honest – day has roughly 24 hours, and this is a standard that we set as a civilization to go with. Why do we still divide that 24 hours into two chunks of 12 hours, is beyond me. When you drive from let’s say Dublin to Donegal Town, and have roughly 230 kilometres between them, you don’t suddenly start counting from the middle, when you cross the barrier of 115 kilometres, right? “I am at 10th kilometre past-midway”, said no one, ever, when they crossed 125th kilometre on that route. If anyone asks, we just say, I am at 125th kilometre. And whenever we drive the same route again, we say the same thing. We might specify direction, but we always measure the whole length, and specify the point we’re at. While it’s different technically, the context is the same. Day has 24 hours that start and end at midnight. Whenever we state time, we are stating the point at which we are en route to midnight. So why the hell we still differentiate before noon, and after noon? I guess we are creatures of habit, and instead of making things clear, we rather complicate things, or keep very old traditions for ages. If you don’t think it’s the case, let me tell you that AM/PM goes back to latin, and while some people might think it stands for “After Midnight” and “Past Midday” (yeah, I heard those explanations), it is actually “ante meridiem” and “post meridiem”, which is even more confusing, because “ante” means “before” the sun crosses meridian, and is counterintuitive to English language, where “ante” is closer to “after”… whatever. I think I really got into rambling after all. Disregard this as my “post meridiem” mental crisis, and forget about this post if you prefer to.

Today I made the decision to start gently forcing myself (gently and forcing don’t really play well together, but trust me I am a language engineer, and this phrase must be right). Gently forcing, means basically that I will do my best, but leave myself an excuse not to, start writing posts much earlier than usually. Why?

I stepped into dangerous zone, that I can see thanks to my habit tracker. I am trending towards staying later than usual. I write posts closer and closer to midnight, and when I do that, I struggle to go to bed at fairly normal time. Not only my biological clock is already past the “falling asleep” threshold by that time, and I am more awake, but also it is very convenient to stay longer after midnight, and do things that don’t benefit me at all.

It’s 14:25 as I write this, and I hope to record it in a couple of minutes. So this is a nice start if I succeed.

Yesterday, I also started trial of a new habit. Habit of posting YouTube shorts, every day, for at least 30-60 days, to see if it gets traction. This is a nw strategy to slowly build momentum on my YouTube channel, and also make myself used to being on YouTube, but not as a consumer, but more as a creator. This I hope, will enable me to create more regular video content as well, and remove friction by getting used to YouTube Studio, as well as visiting the portal, and making it second nature. I already posted 3 shorts yesterday, and 3 today. Yesterday ones are already at total of about 1.5k views, which is encouraging. My channel has 2 subscribers, of which one of them is my other account, so realistically it’s a single subscriber. Shorts seem to be a go-to for YouTube at the moment, so you might as well jump the bandwagon, and use it to your advantage. They are not new, but they are certainly picking up more and more, and Google (YouTube owner) is investing a lot into it. They already made it a dangerous game for TikTok, serving a blow to their traffic, when they enabled longer Shorts and original music on YouTube app. Interesting times to live in, I must admit.

Alright, time to wrap up, and get back to work. I used my lunch break to write this, and now have to refocus on 9-5, to keep things going.

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