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Day 186 – Honourable mention #2


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Do you remember when I wrote about Julian’s (my son) effort in journaling? Just for reference, if you don’t and want to read about it, it was here on Day 66 – Honourable mention pt.1, as well as Day 67 – Honourable mention pt.2, and redesign?

In short he was inspired with my journey, and decided to do something similar. It started with a pen and paper. He made a great progress but got discouraged, and stopped around Christmas time. We had a good conversation about it then, and he decided to restart effort and continue journaling from January 1st. Then he went for a good two months, until he had another dip in motivation around February 27, when I wrote Day 162 – Boardwalk and trainwreck. We regrouped, and found the way to keep him going in a slightly different form, but still journaling.

I’d like to report on his progress, and proudly announce that he’s still going strong, he is at Day 82 today, and is considering a proper digital version, as a new project spin up of his old effort – CrozantGamer. He used to play, and draw, and build from Lego, back in the days a lot. Some of his videos are still on his YouTube channel. I agreed to help him out, and get him introduced to more productive side of internet and technology.

Actually let me leave a sneak peek of one of his videos here, I completely forgot that I can embed YouTube videos here.

One of top watched videos on Julian’s channel

Today I did not manage to write the post during the day, and again I am sitting in front of the screen at 21:53, but still have hope to get it done fairly quickly, get my cold shower before sleep, and hit the hay well before midnight.

Not much happened today outside of work. We used the opportunity with my wife to have a nice jog together, though. Around lunch time, we jumped to the car, and drove towards Lough Eske Estate. We did a decent loop of about 5k along the lake shore and circling grounds of Lough Eske Castle. I was surprised how many patches of wild garlic I found there. Most of them were close to the main road, so not of much use, and not really healthy, but some were closer to the lake, and further from the road, which made me happy. Now I have another great spot for spring foraging of this beautiful, nutritious and healthy herb.

As I was starting to write this post, my brother revealed that he also has his own blog, albeit with very little posts. He wrote two reviews of music albums released in recent months though, so I think it’s worth a part in this “Honourable mention” post today. If you fancy this type of music, and want to give it a read, here they are:

Review of a new album by Deftones – “Ohms”

Review of a new album by Red Hot Chili Peppers – “Return of the Dream Canteen”

Time to wrap up. I have a strong feeling that tomorrow’s gonna be more productive, but don’t want to jinx it, so stay tuned, and have a good one. Till tomorrow.

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