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Day 243 – Robin my shed


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and Gorilla Glue in action

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Yes, I know. Those cringe, no-context titles and subtitles again. I can’t stop myself from creating those weird and twisted topics, just to have to explain them in the write-up, because…

…nobody has context, and because they are dad joke alikes. Anyway, let’s get to it.

It’s 14:00 (2PM) as I start writing it. I am well past yesterday’s drive home, and this morning’s presentation, which I think went well, but I have to wait for feedback if the client wants to pull the trigger, and move on with the consulting service. Until then I’ll do my best to relax and not stress too much about it. I feel like a huge load fell off my shoulders after this set of slides and the whole meeting (the amount of stressing in my head seemed to be much bigger than I was anticipating).

Today I took it easy. It was interesting that despite quite strenuous day yesterday, being afraid to not wake up on time, and having set two alarm clocks – I woke up way before the first one, feeling refreshed and ready to go. I opened my eyes around 5AM and couldn’t stay in bed for long, so I got myself some early morning coffee, and then went for a short walk afterwards. There was not a single soul out there, and birds were giving such a concert, that I was pleased to be outdoors, getting those early sun rays, while listening to the nature and relaxing with the ambience.

Julian is going for a playdate to a friend from class, so I guess I have a bit of Friday spare time. I won’t be able to use it loosely though, because it’s my time to make dinner this afternoon.

The title “Robin my shed” has a single “b” and no apostrophe for a reason. There was no robbin’ or robbing involved (I think), but my shed was visited by Robin regardless. By Robin I mean that tiny, lovely ginger-bellied bird. Except it wasn’t ginger-bellied… yet. Okay, let me explain the background.

For months, since we moved to Donegal, our garden was regularly visited by Robins. Initially they were just scavenging for worms or insects, and loved to hide behind the bikes in the garden. Recently we’ve got a proper shed in the corner, to have a decent place to store the bikes and ensure they don’t rust in the rain. Robins continued coming to our garden, eventually staying underneath it (there’s a small space to allow for an airflow under the flooring). Because it’s a perfect spot for a small bird, and very hard to reach for any predator, they likely nested there, because after couple of weeks we started hearing and seeing young ones. They don’t seem to develop the ginger belly in early stages. Initially they were barely looking out of the perimeter of the shed, but gradually started trying to hunt for insects and fly short distances in the garden (one particularly clumsy one, hit the balcony window, and the same one or other [can’t really tell] hit the fence in front of my eyes).

It seems like one of the youngsters, used the opportunity when the shed door were open and sneaked in, just to be closed there for a while. Because we don’t know when it happened, we don’t know if it was overnight or just the morning. It is likely when my wife went to the shed to pick hula hoop, just to be scared by panicked little bird as she was returning it to the shed. I recorded the moment when I went there to let it go, so you can watch a short clip that Julian stole from my phone and uploaded as the YouTube Short here:

…aaaaand dangerous pattern reappears! It’s 22:58 (10:58 PM), and I slipped AGAIN on Friday (coincidence?). In fairness I was picking Julian from his playdate, after work and the chat dragged for a bit simply because I met his friends parents first time and a lot of topics came out to talk about. Immediately after bringing him home I had another task – dinner, and it was definitely a late one (we ate after 21:30 (9:30 PM)). So here I am making excuses and feeling miserable. It’s so upsetting to see that happening again.

Let me just quickly explain the reference in subtitle about Gorilla glue, which is similar to widely known Super Glue. Yesterday’s match did not end without a bit of pain. First I got smashed against the wall, hockey style, then friend of mine landed on the back wall while having a decent momentum, so the impact was significant. I am yet to check with him on Monday if his wrist is okay. My underside of forearm is stripped off, so there’s no external layer of skin on it, and it is quite uncomfortable, especially when I work on the laptop and need to rest my elbow and forearm on the table, and it kind of… sticks, and is sore and I need to watch it until it recovers. During the smash, my glasses frame broke on one side and one of the lenses fell out. It’s not the first time (and probably not the last). They broke some time ago already, but I keep gluing them with Gorilla every time, and they still stand. My wife is lashing me out all the time for not scheduling a visit at the optometrist, but what can I say… lazy b***ard I am.

Alright, time to record the video/podcast and hit the hay. Today I started feeling the last three days fatigue (two days of running and then soccer, which is running too). My body definitely wants to have a long good sleep. See you tomorrow.

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