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Day 244 – Off the cliff


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and semi-final preparation

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That title now has double meaning. First is the fact that I am again beyond the committed threshold (it’s 21:42 (9:42 PM)), and the pattern observed yesterday seems recurring. I was worried that I slipped with publishing again on Friday, but it seems like the way we spend weekends in general is now causing friction with my planned “before 8 PM” posting. Second meaning of the title is related to today’s activity, about which I am going to write now.

Today’s morning we took it easy. I stayed a bit late yesterday as a consequence of late write up, so it wasn’t surprising that I also allowed myself to sleep a bit longer than usual. As the day developed, we observed the weather, and checked the forecast. We decided to took a chance and make some trip regardless of potential rain. There was a good chance that we might avoid it if we choose the area wisely and manage to get back home before 4-5 PM.

As soon as we got out of the house we knew that the temperature won’t be a problem. It was quite warm and very little wind, albeit the first destination was Bundoran, so there was a chance of more exposure to Atlantic breeze on Roguey Cliff Walk. We got to Tullan strand fairly quickly and I left Julian my wife and her mother there so they can walk towards Bundoran beach, while I drove to town. Once I parked the car, I’ve got coffees for the ladies, from Foam cafe, and started walking the opposite direction to meet them on Roguey from Bundoran side. Once we’ve met, they stayed on the bench enjoying the beverage, while I took Julian and we returned to town, so he could pick his “weapon of choice” (meaning some sweets that I promised him).

After a while there, all of us got back to the car and we headed to the main destination – Lough Navar Reserve in Northern Ireland. Specifically this time, I was targeting one area that we missed on couple of our trips in the past – Cliffs of Magho viewpoint.

There is a spacious car park at the top of escarpment. Couple of picnic tables and benches are also placed there so in a nice weather it is a scenic spot to have a good time and enjoy the views. The whole panorama there is amazing. You can see most of the Lower Lough Erne, with all its islands, coves and inlets. If you fancy, there’s a short trail down the cliff, to the main road, and to the Magho Jetty. After a short discussion, we decided that my mother-in-law and Julian will stay in the car and enjoy a bit of time together, while my wife and me decided to tackle this descent and come back up after we reach the lake and the jetty.

It took us about an hour total, including all the stops on the way back up, a bit of photoshoot at the jetty and slow but steady hike. According to Strava, we did about 220 metres elevation gain on the way back up. We could definitely feel it, and the drizzle that got us about halfway up, slowly turned into pouring rain. Although my wife was really upset about the rain, I thoroughly enjoyed it even though I was soaking wet afterwards. I think that temperature was just right to allow for the rain to be an amazing spiritual experience of connecting between myself and nature.

The whole area is stunning. Cliff is approximately 9 kilometres long, and is part of Marble Arch Caves Global Geopark. Fantastic place to visit and spend time with family or friends.

If you want to see more of it, I will be posting some reels and other material across Instagram, TikTok and YouTube, so make sure you check my social channels in the next couple of days.

Time to wrap up and record the podcast. I need to wake up early tomorrow as we drive to Killybegs for Julian’s soccer match. Drumbar development team reached semi-final and will be clashing against strong team of St Catherine’s for the place in the final.

I’ll try and get some footage and pop in here for you to see. Fingers crossed for the boys on their way to get that trophy. Stay tuned and see you tomorrow.

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