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Day 249 – In-car musing


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and dancing on the verge of slippery hour

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It’s 19:31 as I write it. My commitment was strong since Sunday. Today I am dancing on the verge of slippery slope of 30 minutes deadline. For that reason, I sit in the car while my mother-in-law and my wife finish their dinner in the restaurant. I decided to leave early just to fulfil the 8 pm deadline.

Forgive me the lack of formatting on this post if you read it shortly after I published it. The mobile app for WordPress blogging is not as sophisticated as the web version of

Today was a good day I must admit, especially on the work day side. I was extremely efficient and effective in my duties this Thursday. I also managed to do another run with my wife at Murvagh beach. It was quite surprising, but at the same time, interesting that we had completely different experience at the beach. While she struggled against the wind and hated the fact that it was blowing against her, I thoroughly enjoyed the breeze that was cooling me down and delivering fresh air to my lungs on this barefoot run.

The weather was cloudy most of the day with short spells of drizzle, but it cleared in the afternoon and now even the sun started popping out.

It’s just came out to me that I should share an interesting hack that I am currently using to write this post, and it might be very useful for others blogging out there. Because I’m short in time, as well as I don’t have my laptop with me, writing this post would be cumbersome and slow and I would probably not manage to publish it before 8 pm. For that reason, I decided to use a very handy feature that probably most of the modern mobile phones have – the dictation.

I have set the language to English and I dictate now what I want to write while the phone writes it for me much faster than I would be typing it with my fat fingers. This way, I already accomplished most of the write up today.

I will be recording the podcast episode shortly, and probably I’ll ask Julian to chime in as a guest. We don’t have any agenda for today’s episode, but again, it’s not like I have any agenda for my episodes so I might as well enjoy a lose chat with my son today, while you watch or listen to the content.

The ladies should be coming in a couple of minutes, so I’ll wrap up now and add relevant details so I can publish this post before the deadline. Stay tuned for Spotify/YouTube episode and see you again tomorrow.

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