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Day 250 – Milestone to remember


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and my attempt to squeeze in the powerhike before sunset

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Here we are, lovely people. While you read this post, I celebrate with you the 250th day of non-stop writing and podcasting. Every single day without exception, I managed to write an entry for this journal, and maintain streak of recording its equivalent in audio version to this day. A lot of things developed since the start, and I will write more about it tomorrow, adding some statistics and summary of satellite habits. I will certainly include things that did not go well and require another reattempt to be established as routines. The key point is though that this core daily task, remained my solid foundation. It keeps my faith going, so I believe that I will develop more structure in my life, as well as spread the word and motivate others, who struggle with similar chaotic approach to life. Motivation is not the most important, but it is needed at times, to support us while we form discipline.

Today was scattered with weird and unexpected tasks, some work related, some not. The weather in Donegal was cloudy 90% of the day, while just 20-25 km from us, in Bundoran, the whole day was pretty much sunny. I dropped my wife and mother-in-law there in my lunch break, so they could spend day together and enjoy nice weather. In the meantime, I returned home to keep my work going, while awaiting the moment when I had to pick Julian from school.

Ballyshannon bypass

All in all, time flew past and I don’t even know when and where this Friday went. I think about doing something with Julian today, before the day ends, but not sure what. We played soccer tow days ago, and I ran yesterday, and I don’t want to repeat activities too much if I can come up with something else. He spends too much time with devices recently, and is getting less and less happy with activities outside, so I think this is time to recalibrate his head, and show him the surrounding beauty that he’s missing. I completely understand that at young age, these days, it is much different and priorities are way off from what we think about when we grow up, but this is our role as parents, I believe, to do these corrections from time to time, so the kids don’t screw their lives by being on their own, without guidance.

It’s 18:33 (6:33 PM) now, and I am on the fence of deciding if I should go and try to squeeze in a power hike or not. I still have roughly 4 hours to the sunset, and the hike shouldn’t take more than 2 hours, so it shall be fairly easy to manage the drive and hike, maybe even with the return trip at daylight. I am so hungry of going into the mountains, as I didn’t have a chance to do much of hiking recently. From my window I can see that while here in Donegal the sky is cloudy, in the distance, barely visible contour of Benwiskin mountain is surrounded with a clear sky and sunny spells. This sight lures me in, and I think I should go by the gut feeling and hit the road, now.

I think we should go together. Let me grab Julian and take him for a quick ride, as a surprise. It might go well, or be a total catastrophe, but I have to try. We might even record today’s podcast together. I was planning to bring him in for two or three days now, so might as well be today, to celebrate that 250 days milestone.

Stay tuned!

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