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  • Day 175 – Give me one more play

    Day 175 – Give me one more play

    Another week is closing in. Couple of big news happened in different industries, but one related to podcasting caught my attention. Spotify officially rebranded Anchor at last. Some of you might know, that Spotify has it’s troubles. In the last couple of years it is fighting for survival a bit. Of course it is still… Read more

  • Day 174 – Meeting oysters

    Day 174 – Meeting oysters

    Typical weather returned to Donegal. Typical for Donegal, typical for West Coast, and quite typical for most of Ireland… I’d say even typical for both British and Irish isles. We had a bit of snow trying to cover our area, but it melted in most areas recently. Only Bluestack Mountains got a white blanket, which… Read more

  • Day 173 – Prepare for the battle

    Day 173 – Prepare for the battle

    They say that the weekends are for poor people. I can only assume, that the core message here is that if you do what you like, you have your own business, or even you work for somebody, but are excited with it, you probably dread weekends, or use them as normal work day, chasing further… Read more

  • Day 172 – Heavy day but worth it

    Day 172 – Heavy day but worth it

    Today’s post will be definitely shorter than others. Thursday was packed with stuff to do, and I feel like I’m going to fall on my face any time now. I’ve also got an onset of headaches, which are not making it feel any better. Regardless of my crappy state, I want to write this post… Read more

  • Day 171 – Storm resistant

    Day 171 – Storm resistant

    Quite a journey today, but I must admit I liked this trip much more than others that I did to Dublin, since we moved to Donegal. Mainly because this time we managed to get back home before sunset! The moment we arrived home, was about time that normally I was leaving Dublin other times, so… Read more

  • Day 170 – 34 (working) Weeks Milestone

    Day 170 – 34 (working) Weeks Milestone

    Assuming a standard working week Monday to Friday, this day marks a milestone of 34, 5-day clusters that account for this blog existence. Not a single day skipped, which I find amazing if you consider how my life used to look like, when I was starting new things. Consistency was dropping fairly fast, it was… Read more