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  • Day 243 – Robin my shed

    Day 243 – Robin my shed

    Today I took it easy. It was interesting that despite quite strenuous day yesterday, being afraid to not wake up on time, and having set two alarm clocks – I woke up way before the first one, feeling refreshed and ready to go. Read more

  • Day 242 – Two lives for two trips

    Day 242 – Two lives for two trips

    My twisting of titles in a “dad’s joke” style, goes next level I suppose. Because it’s day 242, I kind of thought about the saying “two for two”, and came up with “two lives” meaning two TikTok live streams, for “two trips” which is self explanatory, because I am driving both ways, making two trips. Read more

  • Day 241 – Bracing for impact

    Day 241 – Bracing for impact

    Tomorrow’s storm is coming, and I have some preparation to make. This time it is not just about the whole day out, driving and in the office, but also additional layer of tasks that I wasn’t expecting, and wasn’t dealing with in the past stormy days. Read more

  • Day 240 – Eat some bread

    Day 240 – Eat some bread

    It’s the second day that I am attempting to get back on track with my slipped commitment, and while I am not as early as yesterday, I start writing it at 16:07, so there’s hope for an early publishing success. Read more

  • Day 239 – Kickin’ it

    Day 239 – Kickin’ it

    Today is perfect day to get out of misery, because… well most of us treat it as the day we go back to misery, so we might as well reverse the meaning of proverbial Monday. Read more

  • Day 238 – Three day misery (and the light)

    Day 238 – Three day misery (and the light)

    It happened third time. Now the slippage is the real thing, and is a danger to my habit. It’s also a proof to my commitment’s failure and embarrassment as I write it at 23:02. Read more