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  • Day 8 of habit tracker

    First 7 days were fairly easy, and quite enjoyable. Based on many researches around how much time it actually takes to build the habit, there’s no agreed period of time. Of course there’s guidance, and facts, that show certain time spans as more likely to be close, to reliable number of days, to establish the… Read more

  • Week of routine – 7-day summary

    Feels amazing to hit the first reasonable milestone. Of course it’s far from routine yet. Building a habit takes a lot of effort and well nurtured repetition, but doing it for 7 days straight, is already a small win worth celebrating. To summarise these 7 days, I want to list down one-time things that enabled… Read more

  • I almost slipped on day 6…

    …but doing my best to recover. Weekends are probably the hardest to keep up with any routine. Unless you’re the long time habit warrior, I guess – it’s a struggle. Mainly because most of us treat weekends as rest days, fun days, or just plans with family and friends to do something else, than daily… Read more

  • Fifth day is a challenge, but…

    …I keep pushing. When life gets in the way, we need to be ready. Of course we cannot control certain things. Of course we cannot predict future, but… we can plan for what we know, and for what we have control over. I knew that I’ll spend the whole day on the road, and it… Read more

  • Fourth rambling, while building the new routine(s)…

    Different time of day, different energy levels, different perspective on certain things… I am testing the time of day, when my head is best focused on writing something useful, and not just gibberish, forced-to-spill-on-the-paper (virtual in this case) words. I discovered that building habit(s) is infectious. At least for now and as long as I… Read more

  • Day Three and already enjoying it

    “I don’t have to agree with you, to respect you.” Anthony Bourdain Difficulty with forming a habit is not a trivial thing. We all have habits. The problem is that many of them are “bad” habits, or basically the ones that are not beneficial for us, or worse – holding us from forming the good… Read more