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  • Day 69 – Apologies to a bike

    Day 69 – Apologies to a bike

    Sounds weird, I know. Today’s post will be much shorter, mainly due to the fact, that it’s 23:17 already, and I still have to record it. World Cup in Qatar is not making my life easier, and it causes a bit of chaos in my daily schedule. Back to this curious title – yes, I… Read more

  • Day 68 – Football or soccer, and why?

    Day 68 – Football or soccer, and why?

    Because I sometimes like to mention this discipline in my posts, on the occasions when I write about Julian’s training (my son), or our casual amateur freestyle playing – sometimes I consciously apply both words at the same time, to make sure my fellow American readers immediately know which discipline I refer to. While history… Read more

  • Day 67 – Honourable mention pt.2, and redesign

    Day 67 – Honourable mention pt.2, and redesign

    If you are reading this blog for some days already, or seen some posts before, you probably spotted immediately that the design changed a bit. Not too much, but I think that the new theme allows for a bit clearer, and concise display of the blog. Yesterday I wrote about, how Julian (my son) surprised… Read more

  • Day 66 – Honourable mention pt.1

    Day 66 – Honourable mention pt.1

    I was shocked last evening (positively, but shocked regardless), and I think this deserves the post, as the title says, with honourable mention. It might seem like bragging, but it’s not. It is more to show how strong the building of habits is, and how important it is in child development. As I was writing… Read more

  • Day 65 – Mental challenges

    Day 65 – Mental challenges

    Today I woke up already tired, because… guess what… I did another late night documentary on Netflix, which means I hit the bed around 3AM. This is a major gap amongst the healthy habits that I am building now. As you suspect probably, going to bed late, impacts immensely the levels of energy and the… Read more

  • Day 64 – Past experience

    Day 64 – Past experience

    Yesterday, I promised to write a little bit more about our hike, so here we go. When we arrived at Killeter Forest, the weather seemed to clear a bit. We dressed up, grabbed the backpack and off we went, choosing the blue route. It’s called Mullyfa Trail, because the loop turns just before the hill… Read more