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  • Day 237 – Stormy day (She arrived)

    Day 237 – Stormy day (She arrived)

    Overtaken account of my mother is still in hands of the scammer, but I made some progress in searching for support, and the activity of that sad kiddo who scams people will likely be short lived. Read more

  • Day 236 – Hacked!

    Day 236 – Hacked!

    Yes, the bad news are, the Facebook account has been hacked/taken over. Somebody managed to brute force (I suspect), access to my mother’s Facebook account, and took it hostage. What’s worse there is follow up financial scam involved, and… Read more

  • Day 235 – Morning routine

    Day 235 – Morning routine

    A lot of books, articles, motivational speeches and others have been written about this, but I think most of them miss the point by far. Read more

  • Day 234 – Two Three Four

    Day 234 – Two Three Four

    Intention behind this blog/journal was very simple at first – just start writing. Being in such a weird place where life dictated most of my decisions, and my schedule was dependent on external factors, rather than my own plan, was exhausting. Read more

  • Day 233 – In Pieces

    Day 233 – In Pieces

    Wow, yesterday evening got me good. I feel like I was about to get hit by a truck, but instead I jumped the long cliffy slope and tumbled down the rocky and bushy stretch, just to land under the stampede of furious bisons. Read more

  • Day 232 – We’re all gonna die

    Day 232 – We’re all gonna die

    …someday, yes, but most likely not in any unusual way that some media try to convince us. Read more