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Category: Cold Theraphy

  • Day 176 – Can I make it?

    Day 176 – Can I make it?

    Oh, that cliche “imposter syndrome”. Will it ever stop haunting me in everything I do? Well… I’ve learned the answer (again) today, from one of quite successful people that I rely a lot of my learning. The answer is – no. Many of us ask the same question, to themselves. Too many articles, blog posts,…

  • Day 160 – Exhausting and exciting

    Day 160 – Exhausting and exciting

    Today was similar to one hyperactive Sunday, that we had couple of weeks ago. I feel exhausted, but also excited to write about it, so I need to decide if I should write quick half-arsed post, and wing it, sacrificing quality (because my mind is reeling), or shall I leave it until tomorrow, when my…