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Category: Hiking

  • Day 181 – WordPress Prompt Time: Hiking

    Day 181 – WordPress Prompt Time: Hiking

    What activities do you lose yourself in? It’s prompt time again. I did it once, and warned you that it might happen again, so here we are. Many times I read those suggestion prompts from WordPress, and often they are great conversation starters, but I mostly focus on journaling, so they don’t go always in…

  • Day 168 – Brown’s Hill deception

    Day 168 – Brown’s Hill deception

    After yesterday’s attempt on Muckish as a family, I was left a bit hungry. I wanted to do another hike before the weekend ends, and I thought about some solo again. As I checked the weather, it turned out that temperature is supposed to be higher than on Saturday, but there were spells of rain…

  • Day 167 – Recon mission: Muckish

    Day 167 – Recon mission: Muckish

    Today was not our day to get that extra achievement, but we did our best to prepare for the second attempt. Alright, I started with a sentence without context for a reason, just to hook you up. Let me explain what Muckish is, and what did we do with my family this cloudy Saturday afternoon.…

  • Day 161 – Two other things

    Day 161 – Two other things

    I wrote about yesterday a bit, on how we got number of activities packed at the beginning of the day, but I only wrote about first, morning element of that excitement. The 8AM high tide, Atlantic Ocean cold water dip, by my wife. But what were two other things that happened, that I promised to…