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Category: Children

  • Day 186 – Honourable mention #2

    Day 186 – Honourable mention #2

    Do you remember when I wrote about Julian’s (my son) effort in journaling? Just for reference, if you don’t and want to read about it, it was here on Day 66 – Honourable mention pt.1, as well as Day 67 – Honourable mention pt.2, and redesign? In short he was inspired with my journey, and decided to…

  • Day 184 – The eye opener

    Day 184 – The eye opener

    I delayed this write up for two days, so let’s get it over with. On day 182 and 183 (yesterday), I mentioned that Julian had a moment of reflection (actually second time in the last month). It is as much surprising, as stimulating, and a bit sad, but also… positively challenging for me as a…

  • Day 182 – Fast start to lazy Sunday

    Day 182 – Fast start to lazy Sunday

    I screwed up yesterday in terms of my sleep routine. Instead of getting to bed before midnight, I went so much over, that I ended up going to sleep after 4AM. Although I used most of this time to work on my new project, it is far from being justifiable, especially that the last hour…

  • Day 177 – Quit, or not to quit, that is the question

    Day 177 – Quit, or not to quit, that is the question

    Question that many people out there ask themselves not once, but every now and then, considering quitting habit, effort or job. In some cases it is easier to assess and decide, in others not, and in some cases the answer is easy, but there are obstacles to proceed with the exit. We need to consider…

  • Day 171 – Storm resistant

    Day 171 – Storm resistant

    Quite a journey today, but I must admit I liked this trip much more than others that I did to Dublin, since we moved to Donegal. Mainly because this time we managed to get back home before sunset! The moment we arrived home, was about time that normally I was leaving Dublin other times, so…

  • Day 164 – Cheering for Julian’s habit

    Day 164 – Cheering for Julian’s habit

    A tough day happened for my son, Julian. To give you some background, at some stage of my blog writing, I think it was day 65, my son told me that he’d like to start his own habit, too. I wrote the whole post on day 66, and a bit on day 67 about it.…