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Category: Humanity

  • Day 187 – Lost in the darkness

    Day 187 – Lost in the darkness

    We live in strange times. Some say they are better times, some say they are worse, but like with everything else in life – truth is somewhere in between. Technological advances make our lives easier and easier every year. Not every decade like it used to be in 20th century, but every bloody year now.…

  • Day 184 – The eye opener

    Day 184 – The eye opener

    I delayed this write up for two days, so let’s get it over with. On day 182 and 183 (yesterday), I mentioned that Julian had a moment of reflection (actually second time in the last month). It is as much surprising, as stimulating, and a bit sad, but also… positively challenging for me as a…

  • Day 179 – Too much hype, not much essence

    Day 179 – Too much hype, not much essence

    Over the last year, or maybe couple of months people got crazy about generative AIs. Most of you probably heard at least once, or read about ChatGPT. This is just one of many generative AIs out there, but it made the front pages the most, so people talk about it a lot. There are many…

  • Day 178 – B2B versus B2C

    Day 178 – B2B versus B2C

    I had an interesting conversation recently with a friend of mine, and it made me think about how in marketing world, people tend to divide B2B from B2C, and how loud some coaches became in teaching the differences between both. Let’s start from the beginning, shall we? Not everyone immediately knows what B2B and B2C…

  • Day 177 – Quit, or not to quit, that is the question

    Day 177 – Quit, or not to quit, that is the question

    Question that many people out there ask themselves not once, but every now and then, considering quitting habit, effort or job. In some cases it is easier to assess and decide, in others not, and in some cases the answer is easy, but there are obstacles to proceed with the exit. We need to consider…

  • Day 173 – Prepare for the battle

    Day 173 – Prepare for the battle

    They say that the weekends are for poor people. I can only assume, that the core message here is that if you do what you like, you have your own business, or even you work for somebody, but are excited with it, you probably dread weekends, or use them as normal work day, chasing further…

  • Day 165 – Stressed but stable

    Day 165 – Stressed but stable

    Sometimes the day comes, that I regret being a part of civilised world. You know, all that technological advance, people racing through lives, chasing updates on projects, because there are some burning priorities… …but for whom. For whom are they so important. Certainly not for me, nor for the people that chase them. They are…