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Category: Uncategorized

  • Day 95 – Maghera and Malin Beg

    Day 95 – Maghera and Malin Beg

    Today was one of those gap-days, where forecast showed the least probability of rain, near zero wind, and perfect winter conditions to actually hit the road, and do some sightseeing. As planned, we gathered ourselves in the morning, packed a bit of stuff, and the whole family of Julian, my wife, my parents and myself,…

  • Day 78 – Foreign celebrations

    Day 78 – Foreign celebrations

    As you know, I live and write from the beautiful Island of Ireland. I live here already one and a half decade. My son was born here and while his blood and genes are Polish, he is proper Irish citizen. I consider here my home, and we mostly celebrate (if any) the Irish holidays. One…