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  • Day 255 – La guerra

    Day 255 – La guerra

    First day of experimentation begins. Mi guerra, or in English, my war against my own procrastination, went to the next level. I am reconfiguring what I do. Read more

  • Day 254 – Stormy alignment

    Day 254 – Stormy alignment

    The key concept here is: while I learn, you take the learnings with me, but without the risky bit that I experiment with. Sounds like a win-win scenario for anyone who reads it and thinks about using any of that in their journey to build routines, create a blog and/or podcast, or do anything else… Read more

  • Day 253 – Midday rant

    Day 253 – Midday rant

    I’ll be writing more about it in coming posts as I discover more ways to improve exposure, and want to share it here for anyone who will get value out of any of my learnings. Read more

  • Day 252 – Slip, win, messin’ and blessin’

    Day 252 – Slip, win, messin’ and blessin’

    Controlled slip, I would call it, but still a slip nevertheless. It is 20:07 (8:07 PM) as I write it, so technically I am beyond the committed deadline. On the other hand I did it on purpose, in a controlled manner, as I allowed myself to eat dinner before I write, and not the other… Read more

  • Day 251 – All things come to an end

    Day 251 – All things come to an end

    My mother-in-law leaves us in about 3 days. That lovely time that we spent together is coming to an end unfortunately and we will have to say goodbyes on Tuesday. Read more

  • Day 250 – Milestone to remember

    Day 250 – Milestone to remember

    Every single day without exception, I managed to write an entry for this journal, and maintain streak of recording its equivalent in audio version to this day. Read more